President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurates cancer treatment centre in UTH

In 2017, NSIA entered into a partnership arrangement with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) to co-sponsor the development of a world class Oncology centre with the Authority serving as principal financier while LUTH contributed its physical assets.

Following months of development, construction of the centre began in March of 2018 and fully functional facility was completed within 9 months. The completed facility, NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre, is designed to provide state-of-the-art cancer care and treatment, prevention and early detection, education and training services. The facility is equipped with an appropriate range of cutting-edge treatment solutions covering chemotherapy, brachytherapy and radiotherapy.

Once operation, the center will provide at least 5000 treatments annually across various classes of cancer cases. It is one of only two Oncology facilities in Nigeria, the largest in Nigeria and first of its kinds in Africa in terms of equipment configuration. To ensure operational excellence, the facility will be managed by a well-respected operator procured from South Africa, HealthShare. It is expected that the operator will avail its expertise in healthcare services management enabling knowledge transfer to the mostly Nigerian staff.

The facility will be manned by an expert faculty of oncologist, specialist nurse and hospital administrators who will bring their wealth of experience to bear it becomes operational. For this project, NSIA invested a total of US$11 million in the centre to alleviate the disease burden of Nigeria and also to reduce depletion of the nation’s foreign exchange reserve resulting from patients seeking cancer treatment abroad. The Authority is confident that this investment will facilitate the delivery of high
quality, affordable and accessible healthcare services to Nigerians and more importantly, it will save lives.